January 2017 Award winner, Photography contest curated by PHOTO MAGAZINE, category fashion. In Photo Magazine No 529, January-February 2017, p.64

January 2016 Award winner, Photography contest curated by PHOTO MAGAZINE, category fashion. In Photo Magazine No 523, January-February 2016, p.52




Series FRAGMENTS OF A CITY, featured in REVVER magazine issue #14 (May 2017)

Series HOT NIGHTS featured in Art About.It Web magazine (April 2017)


Series FOR THE FALLEN (Fashion story), featured in Art About.It Web magazine (October 2016)

Series ZONE EROGENE featured in Art About.It Web magazine (April 2016)

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Series UNSTABLE BODIES, featured in Art About.It Web magazine (January 2016)

Series NEIGHBOURHOOD (Polaroids) featured in Art About.It Web magazine (December 2015)

Wow Ximending, Taipei, Taiwan, Urban Intimacy, Solo exhibition

Series Unstable bodies featured in Revver Magazine #4, January  2015, p.108-113



Series Urban Intimacy featured in REVVER Magazine #1, The Bud issue, September 2014, p.24-35


​Art Museum of Korea National University (KNU), Daegu, South Korea, Urban Intimacy, solo exhibition

France Culture Center Art Space, GoEun Museum of Photography, Busan, South Korea, Urban Intimacy, solo exhibition

King Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan, United in differences, group exhibition



O-Gallery, Shanghai, China, Urban Intimacy, solo exhibition

Zhejiang International Arts Exchange Museum, Yiwu, China, China-France
Arts Exchange Exhibition, group exhibition

Alliance Française, Xi’An, China, At a glance, solo exhibition

Casa de Portugal, Macau, 2010 Borderless Arts members Exhibition, group exhibition
Alliance Française, Chonqqing, China, At a glance ... China-s, solo exhibition

Dada Bar, Shanghai, China, Shanghai Photographer Night 3rd Edition, Shanghai feeling, group exhibition

Alliance Française, Jinan, China, At a glance ... China-s, solo exhibition

Osteria, Shanghai, China, At a glance ... , solo exhibition

Alliance Française, Dalian, China, At a glance ... China-s, solo exhibition

Alliance Française, Hangzhou, China, At a glance ... China-s, solo exhibition

St Paul Corner Gallery, Macau, 2009 Borderless Arts members Exhibition,  group exhibition

B H Gallery, Macau, 2008 Spring group, group exhibition

Urban Intimacy
The visitors

Soaking into the city is penetrating the intimacy of our lives.

Our stories can be real or just phantasms but they are written deep inside the urban maze, where the lines of the structures respond to the curves of the bodies.

With the series of diptychs, Josef invites the audience to wander through three of the most urbanized cities of the Chinese world (Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taipei) and gaze through the façades that compose the daily life of their inhabitants.

Those cities hyper-materialist as they are can still give some space to imagination and allow us to penetrate the intimacy of possible lives behind the walls.

Urban intimacy questions our relationship with urbanity and put in perspective urban and corporal aesthetic.

Urban intimacy also draws the attention of the audience to the part of interpretation inhere in photography as some of the female models posing are real and others are dummies. This trick allows the artist to remind that truthfulness of the stories guessed behind urban structures is not an issue.

made from the series Urban Intimacy. The original purpose of the video was to introduce the photograph series in a different way and to be projected during exhibition. As a matter of fact, this video can also be watched independently as it is a piece of art by itself.  ​

Famous characters from the famous period of the “Three Kingdoms” in the Chinese History travel to the future. They are visiting and yet witnessing what the land they fought for, has become…

This series gives us the opportunity to look around us and take a minute to think about our immediate environment.

What have we done with the cities handed down to us by our eldest? And how would we explain ourselves if we were questioned by them?

The artist asks those questions in a fun and modern way.

The characters representing the past are here personified by Japanese toys, derived from a video game based on the “Three Kingdoms” stories. In a way, it also shows the mixity of our contemporary world: Chinese world seen by European eye through Japanese medium….

Unstable bodies

The starting point of this series is an aesthetic question : How to express body movement inside a still image ?

Essence of the body is movement. Movement define our bodies. As photographer, expressing movement can be done in many way, but I wanted the viewer to really experience the movement of the body, not just get a conceptual idea of it.

The series Unstable bodies is an attempt to show that movement defines us. As professional photographer, I also wanted to show that beauty can be not only found in staged still poses but also in the free movement. In a way, Unstable bodies is a celebration of our bodies in action.

My solo exhibition in Busan Urban Intimacy was part of the "rendez-vous de Busan", a French festival, gathering exhibitions, concerts, etc... The TV chanel MBC made a report about it. My exhibition is shown in the second half of the report. ​

The world with Holga

Low in quality, the Holga 120 FN, a medium format toy camera, is the perfect medium to consider touristic places and the simplest objects in a new way.


Plastic lens, vignetting, blur, light leak and distortions are the main qualities of the Holga.


In a time of High Technologies, it’s a real pleasure to go down the streets with this camera loaded with a 120 roll film, in a search for everyday magic and unexpected transformations of the reality.

At a glance

Based on snapshots combined into triptychs, “At a glance…” is an attempt to express my vision of the Chinese world - mostly Mainland China and Taiwan – a world where I have been living for many years and that I still try to grasp. With those triptychs I try to give a visual form to my feelings.


Gathering three frames around one single topic or location allows me to give a very personal vision based on details. The three frames respond to each other in order to abut different perspectives and transcript feelings in an urban environment.


In a glance can also be seen as a concept influenced by movies and journalism.

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